This is Wångstedt nova

It’s two things. First and foremost it is the company, and second, it is this web site.

The company sells services in different packages. Graphic design, corporate profiling, marketing strategies, education in the above, and web solutions among other design oriented work.

The purpose of the site is to collect and show what the company can help you with, as well as to act as a knowledge bank for the visitors. If you can get some more insight in print production, web production and technical solutions, and adopt your work to get the absolutely best results, then I’ve reached my goal.

The majority of the site is in Swedish. Primarily because my target audience is swedish speaking. I do, however, offer consulting in english too. I do education on a on-demand basis, as I do with print- and web design.

Feel free to use the form to contact me for more information or business proposals.